Welcome to the Brouwer Society

17 Jul

The Brouwer Society is intended as an informal platform to develop and discuss mathematical ideas together, in a broad sense of the word. The idea is… fun and enthusiasm. The society is not affiliated to any institute or university, but intends nonetheless to provide a venue for mathematical research (old and new) on an academic level.

Research areas are ideally determined by the contributions of our members. This will hopefully develop over time. We envisage a situation where our members help and inspire each other already in the beginning stage of new ideas. Also the possibility to post questions and get answers or tips from other members seems a valuable ingredient.

Our current plan is to use this blog to give members these opportunities by writing entries, commenting on others etc.  We’ll see how it develops from there.

If the above suits you we’d like to hear from you!

Frank Waaldijk & Wim Couwenberg